The Cardiff Giant At Rest

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The Cardiff Giant At Rest

An illustration, based on a photograph by C. O. Gott, shows the Cardiff Giant where it was found in the field of farmer William C. Newell, Cardiff, New York, on August 16, 1869. This image appeared on December 4, 1869. It was later revealed to be a hoax conceived by George Hull and had been carved from stone and buried on Newell’s land the previous year. (Kean Collection/Getty Images) (Kean Collection/Getty Images)

Firman Rasyid lahir di Parepare, 18 Juni 1988. Firman yang lebih akrab dipanggil Immunk ini adalah seorang pria tertutup yang hampir tidak pernah sama sekali membagikan masalahnya kepada orang lain. Atau mungkin karena hidupnya memang tidak pernah bermasalah sama sekali (Perlu dipertanyakan). Selengkapnya tentang saya

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